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Please note your artwork must be in-line with our artwork specifications. We can only accept print ready PDFs, not JPEGs etc. If you are unsure about your file please contact your designer or ourselves & we will be happy to advise you on your file format.

Please use WeTransfer for sending files between 64mb & 2gb.

SizeFinished SizeWith Bleed
Business Card85mm x 55mm91mm x 61mm
A774mm x 105mm80mm x 111mm
A6105mm x 148mm111mm x 154mm
A5148mm x 210mm154mm x 216mm
A4210mm x 297mm216mm x 303mm
A3297mm x 420mm303mm x 426mm
A2420mm x 594mm426mm x 600mm
A1594mm x 841mm600mm x 847mm
A0841mm x 1189mm847mm x 1195mm
Presentation FoldersPlease Contact For Template Info
PVC Flexi Tags & Plastic Business CardsPlease Contact For Template Info
Beer MatsPlease Contact For Template Info

General Specifications

We require a 3mm “BLEED” on a document in order to get a white border free print. Simply put, this means your file has to be 3mm wider all the way around so the printed image “bleeds” off the page. I.e a business card which has a finished size of 85mm x 55mm would have to be designed at 91mm x 61mmn with valuable text or images off set approx 10mm from the edge.

If the file has no bleed on it then there will be a 3mm white margin or border all the way around the finished print to aid the cutting process. Likewise any text or images that will not be bleeding off the page must be at least 5mm – 10mm in from the edge of the page otherwise they may get trimmed off in the cutting stage.

• All files must be in the CMYK colour mode, not RGB.
• Create outlines of all fonts.
• Ensure any valuable text or images are positioned at least 10mm from the finished edge. This will ensure nothing gets chopped off.
• All files supplied are required to be a minimum of 300dpi and they must be saved as high quality PDF’s (PDF/X-1a) with all text/fonts outlined.
• Booklets must be provided as combined PDF containing ordered single pages – not spreads. The number of pages in a booklet must also be divisible by 4.
• Crop marks are ok, bleed marks not required – if this feature is not available in your design software don’t worry.
• We do not print from Word, Publisher or PowerPoint files – please save files as an Adobe PDF (PDF/X-1a) (portable document format).
• Photoshop is not an ideal design software as you cannot define a bleed area or save with crops. Illustrator & InDesign are recommended.

External Guides

Click here to go to myhelphub – guides on setting up your print files & FAQs.
File set up guides for: Illustrator | Indesign | Photoshop | Quark Preflighting your InDesign documents | Packaging your InDesign documents

File Types

Wherever possible files should be supplied as flattened, CMYK artwork at a minimum resolution of 300dpi in PDF format. Where vector files are submitted, please ensure that all fonts are converted to outline. PDF files should be high resolution, without down sampling and should have all fonts embedded. Where possible please avoid sending Microsoft Word documents for print as this is not a print ready application and extra charges may be incurred for reworking unsuitable artwork.

Colour Issues

RGB Images may suffer from colour shifts during CMYK conversion prior to printing. It is therefore suggested that all files are supplied in CMYK colour mode as not all RGB colours can be reproduced with the CMYK printing process. Pure black areas should be 100% Black (K).

If you are designing in Adobe Photoshop to change from the default RGB, simply go to the top menu bar Image > Mode > CMYK Color.


Bleed is a printer’s term for colour that is printed beyond the finished size of a page. Due to the cutting process not always being 100% accurate, artwork that spreads only to the edge of the paper can sometimes leave unsightly white slivers of unprinted paper along the edge of the page. This can be avoided by ensuring that your artwork flows beyond the size required. If the background is white, then bleed is obviously irrelevant, it would however, be good practice to always supply finished artwork with bleed in place. We require that, where needed, a bleed of 3mm be used. Additionally, it would be a good idea not to place any text or important imagery too close to the finished edge (5-10mm).

Spot UV

Spot UV is an area of Ultra Violet gloss coating that creates a glossy finish to the targeted areas on top of your printed job as illustrated above.
See these guides for setting up your files.

Preparing Plastic Card Designs For Upload & Print:

• If you are supplying your artwork in a completed format you must send it to us, print ready at 300dpi and supplied in CMYK.
• When creating black please use a black made up of CMYK 65%, 65%, 65%, 100%.
• Where possible please outline all fonts or supply fonts used.
• Please do not round off the corners of your artwork – this is done by the cutting process.